Our vertically integrated team of in-house professionals internally manage our own portfolio of properties, investments, loans and development projects.  This platform has successfully completed over $1.5 billion of tax credit transactions, $3 billion in real property transactions and today runs the company's robust and diverse privately held portfolio of more than 2.5 million square feet.

C-PACE and Cleantech Financing

Consortium Capital’s efforts in Cleantech are focused on ways to improve environmental outcomes associated with commercial real estate, primarily through the use of smart building systems and high efficiency components.  Such investments are not just for buildings being marketed as green-rated or certified – they can boost ROI for all types of commercial properties through a combination of reduced energy consumption, more efficient operations and other benefits.

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, or C-PACE, programs are a powerful financing tool for smart build investments. C-PACE programs classify clean energy improvements as a public benefit, allowing them to be privately financed and repaid via a property tax surcharge. C-PACE provides long-term, simplified and flexible financing for clean energy improvements. Over 33 states plus D.C. have passed C-PACE legislation and Consortium Capital arranges C-PACE financing throughout these programs, both for its own projects and on behalf of other developers.  

Consortium Capital has also made long-standing investments in renewable energy production systems connected to underutilized real estate properties, including rooftop solar applications and on-farm anaerobic digester systems.

For inquiries on C-PACE or other Cleantech financing opportunities, please contact Stefan Kershow.