Our vertically integrated team of in-house professionals internally manage our own portfolio of properties, investments, loans and development projects.  This platform has successfully completed over $1.5 billion of tax credit transactions, $3 billion in real property transactions and today runs the company's robust and diverse privately held portfolio of more than 2.5 million square feet.


As a part of The Bernstein Companies, TBC Hotels has a long history of building lasting and meaningful relationships with associates, guests, partners, and the community. The Bernstein Companies is one of the oldest commercial real estate firms in Washington, D.C. and purchased its first hotel in 1982, thus entering into the hospitality industry. Over the past 35 years, TBC Hotels has owned, developed, and operated more than 20 hotels throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

The core values of TBC Hotels include not only strong, lasting relationships, but also integrity, tradition, entrepereurial spirit, and hospitality.

Having the confidence to do the right thing in every transaction, maintaining the values and identity imparted by The Bernstein Companies, capitalizing on opportunities, and being intentional about their actions are critical to who TBC Hotels is and how they operate.


Over the past 35 years, TBC Hotels has owned, developed, and operated over 2,000 hotel rooms in the Mid-Atlantic region. The design and construction team at TBC Hotels offers a unique, entrepreneurial, and personalized approach to design and development.

Beyond hotels, The Bernstein Companies’ development expertise includes renovation, repositioning, and ground-up projects in residential and commercial projects. A perfect illustration of the diverse portfolio of work offered by The Bernstein companies is the current Marriott International Headquarters and Flagship Hotel project to include 785,000 sq. ft. of office space, along with a 245-key Marriott hotel.

New development and repositioning services include: feasibility, architecture and design management, FF&E purchasing, brand relations, project management, site assessment, planning, cost analysis, budget development and analysis, scheduled development, change management, quality assurance, pre-opening, and project close-out/punch list. TBC Hotels manages all transitions, standards, and projects for owners and investors.

With a focus on lifestyle properties, TBC Hotels’ portfolio conveys its unique and creative spirit while remaining grounded in the traditions of The Bernstein Companies’ legacy.


Aloft Raleigh


Marriott International Headquarters


Hotel Management

By promoting an entrepreneurial and relationship-focused culture, leaders at every TBC hotel are passionate about exceeding each guest’s expectations, while remaining committed to driving results. By utilizing the most current technology, TBC Hotels’ portfolio focuses on remaining as efficient as possible. As a full-service management company, TBC is proud to offer exceptional hospitality services including:

  • Revenue Management
  • Training & Professional Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • E-Commerce Strategy
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Corporate Hotel Operations
  • Food & Beverage

We are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We are dedicated to business strategies that continually improve our use of natural resources, minimize waste, conserve energy and water, and protect air quality. We will continue to implement policies that improve the environment of our buildings in order to positively impact our associates, guests, tenants, and surrounding community. TBC Hotels' environmental efforts have reduced our total energy consumption by over 20% annually and have curtailed tons of recyclables a year from landfills.

Partnerships / Investments

TBC Hotels has a dedicated acquisitions team actively working with brand development teams, other local developers, private equity firms, and publicly traded REITS to develop and acquire hotels. With close ties within the hotel industry and brokerage community, TBC Hotels is fortunate to have a strong deal flow of both on and off-market acquisition opportunities. With more than a century of combined team experience, TBC Hotels seeks hotel opportunities that can deliver strong financial results while delighting guests, creating value for communities and owners alike. With an array of resources and operational expertise, TBC Hotels is often able to unlock opportunities as well as provide additional value through creative business plans, diligent operational underwriting and CapEX budgeting.

Utilizing both the Hotel Division's industry knowledge and The Bernstein Companies' network, TBC Hotels excels at investing in high value properties in the mid-Atlantic.

By working closely with their partners to build trust and create value, while at the same time taking advantage of their speed and flexibility, TBC Hotels is able to pursue a wider range of opportunities than most institutional investment groups.

With generations of experience spanning ground-up hotels, conversions, re-positions, and mixed-use developments, TBC Hotels diversified knowledge and experience has allowed it to be leaders in the Mid-Atlantic region. From hotel brand and site validation to owner and brand relations, financing, and JV partnerships, TBC Hotels is focused on creating value while delivering superior products.