Our vertically integrated team of in-house professionals internally manage our own portfolio of properties, investments, loans and development projects.  This platform has successfully completed over $1.5 billion of tax credit transactions, $3 billion in real property transactions and today runs the company's robust and diverse privately held portfolio of more than 2.5 million square feet.

Debt Investments

Be it mezzanine debt placement, loan purchases or first trust lending, our debt investments seek to generate positive risk-adjusted returns by providing capital for real estate and real estate secured assets.  We believe debt focused real estate investments capitalize on our sourcing and execution expertise to find short-term opportunity, long-term value and align the interests of the investor and the sponsor in a unique structure. We lend, purchase notes, and provide funding against hard assets across product types, utilizing our experience as an operator, lender and developer. 

The Bernstein Companies has the internal capacity for the asset management and loan servicing necessary for the investment’s success.  This experience and flexibility will allow us to mine for opportunities nationally, regionally and locally.

Prior funds have invested over $300 million of equity in opportunistic real estate and real estate positions including notes and debt and achieved gross returns of 31%, 22% and 17% over three funds spanning 15 years.

Our value process aligns us with investor interest by creating an environment where frontline data is incorporated into the investing process and brings a consistent value approach to real estate lending regardless of asset type or position in the capital stack.


  • Create value through specialized, experience-driven execution capabilities
  • Take advantage of funding gaps in capital structure
  • Execution experience allows us to better filter true value-add opportunities from risky business plans
  • Experience across asset classes allows for large potential market

Risk Mitigation

  • Methodical bottom-up underwriting
  • Optimize debt placement by market, capital stack, and asset class
  • Operational focus on downside protection
  • Capital preservation